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Victorian Floor Tiles

Our Victorian Floor Tiles are made using the same process as they were originally made back in the Victorian era.
Whether you have a new build, modern or heritage property, these floors are adapted to fit in a modern scenario. Over the last couple of years, the colours have been adapted to include the new modern blues and greys and can incorporate Moroccan inspired designs.


The tiles are still produced using Devon Clay and are still fired in the traditional way. The quality is second to none, it is a full-bodied clay biscuit, these floors will last longer than a lifetime.



It is a niche product and we have a team of experienced tilers that have been trained (and train others) in the installation of these beautiful creations, that are Victorian Floors.


The traditional patterns can be adapted to suit any colour scheme and can be bespoke, for example, your house name on the porch floor.


From the initial CAD design to the installation all available in one place here at Harp Ceramics.